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JUST PLUG AND EARN! With only minimal investment, recover cost by reusing energy.

Green Energy - Product

The unit, consisting of an expansion turbine and generator is the optimal decentralized energy recovery system for power ranges between 1 kW and 120 kW. The small robust and compact turbine generator – not much larger than a shoebox – can be installed decentrally anywhere where small amounts of residual energy have previously been left unused after industrial processing. The innovative technology can be implemented in a variety of applications to convert process gas or utilize waste heat.

A multitude of applications are possible: The direct conversion of the surplus energy contained in pressure gases of open systems or connection with additional components (such as heat exchanger, pumps or capacitors), as well as reusing exhaust heat in closed systems (ORC – organic Rankine cycle).

You can find detailed technical specifications on our GET turbine generator in the following catalog:  Catalog


Your Advantage:

Even smaller amounts of residual energy can be converted to electricity at a reasonable price with the new technology. The ecological benefits of this sort of energy recovery also pay off financially. The feed-in tariff by the Renewable Energy Act (EEG) offers an additional incentive.


The Outstanding Characteristics:

Best degree of efficiency.

The turbine unit is designed precisely for your specific processing conditions. The degree of efficiency attained can be up to 80 % and is therefore substantially higher than when using standard machines such as reciprocating engines or expanders.

Small, compact and rugged.

Without the associated recovery unit, the turbine generator is not much bigger than a shoe box.


The turbine generator operates without any gearing between turbine and generator. The rotor of the generator is positioned directly on the shaft with the turbine wheel which drives it.

Low Investment.

The turbine unit can be designed in no time at all, using our calculation program. We can rely on a standard modular kit for the generator components.