DEPRAG introduces the revamped Minimat-ED


handheld Minimat-ED

This handy all-rounder (MINIMAT®-ED) can be quickly and simply adapted to any screw joint. The torque required for the fastener assembly is set directly on the screwdriver at the push of a button. Up to five programs (with pre-defined torque or angle values) can be saved and selected as needed. The Minimat-ED is designed to where screw assembly can begin immediately. The electric screwdriver is precise and reliable, the tools shuts off once the target value is reached. Red and green LED's light up immediately to show the operator whether the assembly was carried out successfully.

The new MINIMAT®-ED can also be used to implement more complex procedures without any difficulty. If a customer has several screw joints with varying tightening parameters, these can be realized with the multi-stage, adjustable screwdriving program. In the individual programs, the torque and angle are set. A slow-start can also be defined where the screwdriver starts at a reduced speed. The whole screwdriving procedure can thereby be completely pre-set. The operator has to only select the correct screwdriving program. The digital display can also be used to monitor the program selection process. As before the user can of course also adapt the speed of the individual steps as required. Unauthorized changes to the parameters can be prevented using an integrated password protection feature. Please read more about this product by clicking on the links below:

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