E-Mobility Assembly by DEPRAG - clean & eacy

From intelligent manual Workstations and Position Control Stands (PKS) to EC-Servo Screwdrivers and CleanFeed Systems, DEPRAG’s advanced assembly tools help you address the challenges of e-mobility assembly. Assembling lightweight and dissimilar materials and high power density electronics require the precise control, error proofing, and advanced fastening strategies that DEPRAG provides. Our engineers utilize DEPRAG’s tools and experience to deliver optimal assembly solutions for our customers.

Enabled to operate globally and with 80% reduction in power consumption, the next generation of DEPRAG eacy feeders are essential to today’s modern E-mobility assembly. The CleanFeed technology goes even one step further, by delivering a solution for sensitive electronic components to be free of contaminating debris, therefore assuring a product assembled with the highest grade of technical cleanliness.





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