MINIMAT-ED: Now available in a stationary version

The digital electric screwdriver for stationary use


The MINIMAT-ED is available in four versions of torques between 0.25 to 4.8 Nm at speeds up to 1,500 rpm. The speed rate of each step is individually adjustable from 10% - 100%. The screwdriver spindles also benefit from a lightweight, slim design. with its reliable onboard controller, the MINIMAT-ED spindle requires minimal space. 


Screwdriving Functions

In order to implement individual screwdriving procedures there are five screwdriving programs (PG1 to PG5) available on the screwdriver, each with a three step program structure. The procedure consists of search run, torque and angle screw assembly. There are also five loosening programs available (PG6 to PG10).

Control and adjustments

The control and adjustment of the screwdriver is carried out via an Ethernet connection between DPU and the interface 330E:

  • the integrated web server is used for adjustment and configuration (e.g. for adaptions to screwdriving programs); to display the web interface when using the DPU50 and DPU100 a separate PC/laptop is required
  • control of the screwdriver is carried out via TCP/IP (e.g. program selection and start) when using DPU specific driver software


  • status messages on the DPU: OK, NOT OK, READY
  • screwdriving results, options: result values via TCP/IP interface, actual.csv
  • no transfer of screwdriving curves


  • a standard visualization for the DEPRAG controllers DPU050, DPU100 and DPU200 is an integral part of each driver software
  • customer specific visualization can be created by the user

Integration into additional system control systems (PLC)

  • using features on the TCP/IP interface application specific implementation of the control and visualization can be carried out, e.g. for display of screw positions, with OK/NOT OK
  • for customer specific controller the communication protocol is described in the operating manual
  • request to the PLC: integrated PC functionality (TCP/IP interface)


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