ADAPTIVE DFS   DEPRAG Fastening System

Flow-Form, Flow-Drill and Flow-Push Fastener Screwdriving

ADAPTIVE DFS – The revolutionary assembly system by DEPRAG

Automated, controlled Screwdriving with optimal process due to automatic adaptation to altering parameters


Patented Technology

Each cycle considers the following steps:

  • Step 1: Heating up
  • Step 2: Penetrating
  • Step 3: Funnel forming
  • Step 4: Thread forming
  • Step 5: Screwdriving
  • Step 6: Tightening

In between step 1 and step 6 the parameters such as force and speed change several times.
One cycle takes about 2 seconds, depending on the materials and the stack-up.

  One-sides access Dismantling Clamp force Pull-out strength Combination
of different materials
Without pilot hole
FlowForm Screwdriving
Punch riveting
High-speed nailing
Friction welding
Resistance spot welding
Blind rivets
Automotive – Car body & enclosure
White goods, i.e. fridges

Disadvantages linked to pneumatically operated feed stroke mechanism:

  • Compressed air inside the cylinder tends to expand regardless how quick counter-reactions (i.e. changed pressure through a proportional valve) are released. This leads to rather inaccurate controls in regards to force, speed and switching points. Furthermore this may result in delamination, if carbon fibre materials are.
  • Too early recognition of penetration may lead to improper funnel forming, increased processing times or even destroyed screws.
  • Too late recognition of penetration may lead to thread damages and fail assemblies consequently.

=> Extensive efforts related to parameter settings.

=> Risk for fails if screw and/or layer thicknesses change (tolerances).


The earliest possible and automated recognition of penetration, regardless of tolerances, is the basis of an ideal thread forming process.

The system automatically adjusts to actual conditions. Efforts related to parameter settings reduce to a minimum.

The EC-Servo drive ensures full control on feed stroke speed and feed stroke force at any time.

Processes related to funnel and thread forming can be optimized.

DEPRAG EC-Servo Screwdriving system with built in transducers for torque and feed stroke force.

  • Controller DPU200 (Industrial PC: "all in one")
  • Freely programmable in regards to torque, speed, force, angle, direction of rotation and sequence.
  • Complex sequences
  • 100 % Process control
  • Trending information
  • Flexibel in regards to fastener, materials and process
  • Robot or gantry mount
  • Feed stroke force monitoring via motor current
  • Speed: max. 8000 rpm
  • Torque: max. 15 Nm
  • Feed stroke force: max. 3000 N
  • Feed stroke freely programmable. Speed, distance and force monitoring/control
  • Downholder force: max. 1200 N (programmable)
  • Downholder stroke: max. 30 mm
  • Weight: approx. 35 kg
  • Assembly directions: any (from above, underneath, at any angle)
  • Active lock stroke: Socket keeps screw in position, no extensive air blast required


  •  Industrial PC
  • Industy 4.0 capable
  • 15“ Touchscreen
  • Controls all related processes (screwdriver, stroke mechanism, feeding processes)
  • Intuitive HMI
  • Flexible fieldbus interfaces (Profinet, Profibus, EthernetIP, EtherCat, etc.)

Individually configured process screen

ADAPTIVE: The automated recognition of thresholds regardless of tolerances on fastener and product and the subsequent automated adjustment of parameters ensure the ideal joining sequence.

  • Avoids seizing of screw
  • Optimizes funnel forming
  • Avoids thread damages
  • Guarantees the shortest possible cycle time
  • Leads to less stress on fastener and product
  • Reduces set-up time (parameters, analysis)
  • High process stability (less faulty joints)
  • Prepared for new materials / joining methods


  • Direct transfer of thrust into the screw
  • No leverage
  • No lateral forces on guide mechanism, etc.
  • Lightweight design
  • Less wear & tear
  • Pneumatics, Sensors and Electronics fully integrated a short reaction time
  • Bus interface to DPU
  • Clean surfaces

- Push release button
- Pull off mouthpiece

No need to disconnect any cables or hoses!

For underfloor assemblies: Socket automatically moves behind the screw and keeps it in position.

Vision system with crosslines

Laser mounts to quick-change chuck

Tripod, adjustable: supports manual alignment procedures, i.e. on curved surfaces
Mounts to quick-change chuck
Documentation possible.

No stress on the screw shaft and tip
Screw preload function (buffer)
optimizes cycle time

Cylinder activated jaws
Less wear & tear
Perfect alignment of screw
Controlled opening sequence

Modular design, usage of quick-change adapters (i.e. socket, mouthpiece, downholder)
Trending information (duty-cycle and cycle-based maintenance intervals for wear & tear parts – i.e. bits, timing belts, ball bearings).
Active feedback on calibration intervals.
Custom maintenance instructions can be implemented
Individual configurations through available cable extensions and connectors

Usage of quick-change adapters (i.e. socket, mouthpiece, downholder)
Plug-in connectors between modules
Consequent modular design (e.g. Drive motors, Belt drives)